“Yawning subordinates”

How funny/true is this screen-cap?

What’s funny/sad about this, of course, is that when you’re within addiction, you usually can’t see how big a farce you’ve become to those you care about. You’re essentially in denial. That’s why the “yawning subordinates” part is sad but funny in a cringe way. We’ve all had bosses who attend one trade show, hear a motivational keynote, and come back thinking they’ve hacked the entire human complexity of leading and managing others. It’s very fun to observe, and also tear-inducing.

Interestingly, of course, the real drug/addiction for most in formal leadership roles is being busy, which is akin to doing heroin for many. But quoting a lot of Daniel Pink and Simon Sinek back in vague all-hands speeches is the more virtuous form of it.

This will likely be my last post of 2020 — a weird year, but a good one for the most part on the personal side. Hope you’re well, and thanks for being part of this blog here and there. My overall “numbers” were down this year, but I still made some valuable connections.

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