Why is the hiring manager — recruiter relationship so shitty?

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A list:

  1. The hiring manager probably doesn’t respect the recruiter inherently, because the recruiter is probably based in HR — that’s a department that does not face revenue — and the hiring manager probably does face at least a slice of revenue, and may even own P&L.
  2. The recruiter probably has no idea of what the hiring manager does and why his/her silo is so important (in their eyes).
  3. They are speaking different languages, essentially.
  4. The hiring manager thinks of hiring as “another thing to manage”and just wants 3–4 highly-qualified people placed in front of him yesterday.
  5. The hiring manager has been burned by lack of recruiter knowledge about his/her space before and has guard up.
  6. We supposedly live in this data-driven time and that’s what hiring managers are being told to focus on and report up the chain, but the recruitment process seems to remain as highly-subjective bullshit.
  7. The recruiter supposedly has “the functional knowledge” and the hiring manager cannot be bothered.
  8. There’s a brawl about “the skills gap.” The hiring manager thinks the recruiter isn’t doing his job, and/or the market is weak. The recruiter thinks, “Uh, can’t we raise the salary for this role?”
  9. They only meet in rushed, disjointed 15-minute increments where nothing really seems to get done.
  10. The hiring manager is really thinking more about how to automate some of these roles.

Anything sound familiar on there?

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