Take a vacation, you overworked troglodyte

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Americans love to think of themselves as busy workaholics — even though, give or take, they do about 590 hours of actual work per year — and as a result, they can’t sacrifice time for vacations; they annually leave about 430 million days on the table. ( ** Puts rifle to scrotum ** ) The biggest reason is thinking it will hurt you professionally. Here’s my rebuttal there: if you work at a place where departing for 1–2 weeks to recharge and have fun with family and friends is going to hurt your ability to get promoted, f’n get a new job.

Turns out this reluctance to head for vacation is hurting your overall well-being too.

Per Gallup:

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This is all part of the Well-Being Index. 148K Americans were polled from January to November; factors about their life were then sliced and diced along this continuum of Well-Being. A number close to 100 is better.

So look at that chart above: if you make less than $24K a year, but you make time for vacation with family/friends, you have about a 66.3 Well-Being score. If you make more than $120K a year (about five times more money, then) but you don’t make time for vacation, you have a 55.1 Well-Being score.

In short: you can be poor, but make time for people and loved ones, and you’ll be better off than being rich and never leaving your bubble.

Remember: shift away from money, and towards time. That’s the secret to happiness — er, to contentment.

I know you think you’re busy and overworked and OMG there is no time and JESUS I CAN’T EVEN TAKE THE TIME TO RESPECT MY EMPLOYEES, but this chart above — and yes, you can argue with the data, just like you can argue with anything — is a pretty simple reminder that if you want to be happier, to be more content, to have a stronger sense of well-being, frankly if you want any of it, take some time to rest, relax and recharge with your friends. It’s not that complicated.

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