Podcast: Your social life after kids

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This episode is actually about a lot more than your social life post-kids. Me and my man David talk about your life approach at 25, Adam Sandler, gender roles, what jobs might exist in 20–25 years, how technology changed the male connection to work, and much more.

I titled this episode the way I did because it was the most interesting to me. I’ve moved a decent amount — I went from NYC to Minneapolis in 2012, then Minneapolis to Texas in 2014. Since I’ve been in Texas, I’ve (a) lost the job I came here for and (b) gotten divorced. So … theoretically you could look at that from afar and say “Why wouldn’t you have left by now?” I’ve considered it, for sure, but part of the reason — one of several — is that I got tired of big moves and trying to reinvent friend circles north of 30, which is very challenging.

David’s situation is different. He’s been in the same geographic area for decades, but he has kids (so their activities) and he works from home (so co-workers, yes, but no standard office). What does that look like, socially? That intrigued me, hence the title.

Anyway: choose your preferred player here, or listen to the embed below.

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