Podcast: Why do we let work distract us from the stuff that truly matters?

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There is a lot to unpack in this specific episode, so I’ll let you listen if you choose to (audio and stuff is below). The episode guest is Paul Millerd, who also runs this deal called “Boundless,” who recently was the guest author of the Holloway Good Work newsletter, and who has his own newsletter that’s one of the best in the game on work, life, failure, success, learning, etc. And as I talk about in the intro, I once appeared on his podcast with an episode entitled “The Absurdity Of The Corporate World.” Ha.

It was actually hard to title this episode because we talked about a lot of different stuff. Much of it is work-related, which is kinda where we align as thinkers but I mean also, people spend 12 hours/day at work sometimes, so it should consume some discussion and doesn’t always consume the amount of discussion it really needs to, probably because people are tired and just want to stream something dumb. Ha. (Can I end every paragraph with “ha?”)

This is a relatively far-reaching discussion about work, life, failure, success, relationships, women in the workplace, work at 24 vs. work at 34, and more. Give it a whirl. I think you’ll enjoy.

Where would be the audio?

You can find this episode on different players here.

You can also play it right here:

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