Podcast: Why do we care about Instagram likes?

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A little over two years ago, one of my good friends passed away. When I got back from his funeral, one of the posts I ended up writing was about five-year plans.

See, before the actual ritual ceremony got going, I’m talking to someone in the pews. Don’t know them super well.

They’re asking me about my life in a way that’s supposed to be small talk but comes off as wanting deeper answers.


So at some point, before we’re about to see this casket proceed in to begin the real deal, he asks me a question like “Think you’ll stay in Texas? What’s your five year plan?”

And I just look to the aisle, where our friend is lying in a casket, and I’m like “Five year plan? Maybe we should ask our friend in there about that.”

That was probably the third time that day I started crying. I got to about 11 total.

That was intense. What’s this episode about?

This episode is with Brian Ondrako, who also has a podcast, which is entitled “Just Get Started.” The name kind of says it all: Just get started on different projects. There’s never a perfect time. Right now I’m kinda piped on income and motivation can be a periodic challenge, but I try to remember to just get started on little things. That’s what happened with this podcast, which is doing alright so far.

In this convo, we hit a few themes, including five and 10-year plans, the messages of Gary Vee (ha), Instagram likes, North Stars, sleep, fitness, and more. It’s a little bit longer than the last one, but it hits on a few things — and I probably talked less, which is also good as my voice is somewhat grating.

Where be the audio?

You can grab it from multiple sources at this link, or hit the embed below:

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