Podcast: What’s the “inherent trade-off” of adulthood?

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You’ve probably had the friend who spent 1–2 years backpacking in South America and Europe, right? At least one? You’ve probably also had the friend that has been working six days a week since they were 16. At least one, also? Well, what we’re describing here is the inherent trade-off of early to mid-adulthood: When do you focus on career? When do you focus on family? When does the intersection of the two become a bit overwhelming?

These are heady questions not often openly discussed outside of therapist offices and girlfriend’s happy hours. This is a short episode of this podcast, featuring my old pal and former colleague Steven McFarland, but even in about 16 minutes, we get into the core trade-offs and what they mean. Plus: “block and tackle” management.

You can listen to it however you prefer at this here link.

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