Podcast: What’s right? What’s moral? Men in therapy? And … Texas girls.

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This is a convo with my friend Ben from high school. Honestly, the last time we had a full-on conversation before this taping was probably 2001, or maybe sometime around 2010 at a sports bar in Midtown East of Manhattan. So it’s been a second. As a result, we talked for about an hour on all manner of things from Facebook (we went to high school with Mark Z’s older sister) to elite education to losing your mom to relationships to men in therapy to finding religion in your 30s to partisanship to what’s moral and right to, yes, Texas gals. It was a pretty fun convo. There’s some inside jokes in there that you won’t get, probably, so sorry for that. But overall it’s pretty sprightly and it’s what happens when guys reconnect decades hence. Give it a whirl.

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