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If you’ve ever read this blog even once, you know I’m not the biggest fan of leaders and managers in the broad sense. I think there are some great ones out there, but most of them tend to be classless buffoons out for themselves. Don’t believe me? OK, go fudge yourself. But seriously, a few years back Gallup had a stat that basically 82 percent of managers are bad at their jobs, and since there’s been research that ineffective middle managers — the “I make the trains run!” class of guys — cost the global economy trillions of dollars per annum. No bueno.

So, I brought on a management consultant dude named Devin Craig and I was thinking maybe 20–25 minutes on different work-related stuff, then we’d bump out. I actually had eaten a chicken sandwich before this interview and had a beer, so I was kinda feeling low-key and figured this wouldn’t be much. But it ends up about double that run time because we get into all sorts of management and leadership stuff, work stuff, HR stuff, automation stuff, etc. If those topics interest you, I would definitely give this one a whirl.

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