Podcast: The Pill vs. Google

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I actually hadn’t posted a new Blunder Years episode in about a month, largely because of the holidays, where I spent time in NYC and was increasingly broke, then the period after the holidays where I was trying to get “woke” (ha!) as opposed to “broke.” Plus, I’m not a famous or interesting person by any means, so trying to get podcast guests between December 22nd and January 10th is not the easiest thing in the world.

I came back with a good one, though: my man William Tincup of the #HRTech and general bad-ass memes world. I worked with RD (his company) from 2017–2019, and still do some stuff with them here and there; I also worked for Starr (his old company) in 2018 and currently do nothing there whatsoever. Such is life.

This is a far-reaching discussion about various stuff, from the future of Instagram to workplace tech to NFL owners to having fun doing stuff (Leo Messi) to Jordan and LeBron to The Pill as the most relevant invention since World War II ended (which I agree with, semiconductors and Google and iPhones be damned).

You can pick your preferred audio player right here. And heck, because it’s a cool convo, I’ll even embed it for you here:

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