Podcast: Taking care of aging parents + Is everyone absolutely nuts?

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We’re now into the spot where academic papers are starting to be written about the economic impact of caring for aging parents. As I think we all know, Boomers are retiring semi-en masse right now, but also living much longer. The New Yorker actually piped up on this at the beginning of the summer. You’re talking about adding potentially the equivalent of an additional third to people’s lives.

Well, here’s the thing. That’s great in terms of time with loved ones, but … it’s bad in terms of money. Unless you saved well or are super rich, adding a third to your life means you need a bunch of cheddar, or at least money that earns money — or your kids need something to help you out with. That creates a lot of interesting economic realities that are hurting people right now. Just this summer, MarketWatch wrote about the challenges many women are facing in caring for both their career and their aging parents.

If I wanted this podcast to be about life experiences between the ages of 25 and 50, well, that’s a reality in those ages, so I needed some guests who can speak to that. I got one in Brandy Henry, who is an independent business owner in the Portland area and has her own podcast too, about engaging on social media. She’s dealing with that reality, and we discuss all that.

We also discuss:

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