Podcast: Sex with your spouse, miscarriages, and motherhood

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I don’t really write about sex that much on here, although I have — and this article I did once about how most of your sexual history will be transactional got linked in a United Kingdom version of Vogue or Redbook or something and I got a bunch of traffic for three whole months off of it. It’s not necessarily what I want to be known for, but I don’t really know exactly what I want to be known for anyway, so it’s something! Back in the day, I did a scientific deep dive on how many times a week couples should have sex. That never got cross-linked by anyone, but one of my then co-worker’s husbands read it (ha) and came up to me at a football tailgate to discuss the article and its subsequent impact on his relationship. Their number went up. I’m out here doing the Lord’s work, y’all.

This is the second episode of my podcast on life experiences from age 25 to 45 or so, and this time my guest is Mollie Bentley. This is her blog; it’s very good. She’s active on Twitter and LinkedIn too, out of the Cincy area. Me and her became friends on Twitter and we started discussing sex and relationships pretty fast — it’s stuff that’s really important to the human condition but no one seems to openly discuss that much — and a lot of those themes are in this episode.

You’ll get thoughts into miscarriages, the role of social media in our world, sex as a habit, the weird work and personal lines that we draw around ourselves, and the big difference between how we grow up and how we’re expected to move through adulthood. The audio on this episode is pretty strong but around the ¾ mark of it, my dog was pacing around and fidgeting, so I had to take him out … you might hear some elevator pings as a result. My bad.

Take me to the audio, good sir!

Here ya go:

After you listen, feel free to discuss

I’m still figuring out exactly how to build community and ideas around these discussions, which I suspect will take me into 2020 and beyond. For now, both Mollie and I are relatively easy to find on Twitter. If you want to talk about motherhood, miscarriages, social media, sexuality, life lessons, or whatever else … just tag us both or go find the original post I did announcing this episode and respond to us both. Fun times. Let’s talk about real stuff.

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