Podcast: Nine beers in a day?

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This episode is with Dr. Gordon Pedersen, who has a cool story whereby he broke his back and was immobilized at age 38, then won a Bronze Medal at the Utah Games at age 43. I believe he was the oldest medalist that year. This is a relatively short episode compared to the first couple that I’ve done, but it has a lot of interesting health nuggets in there.

I’m not the most health-conscious person on the planet, unfortunately. I do work out and that stuff is good, and I try to eat semi-healthy where I can — here’s a shameless plug for my Sun Basket referral code — but I also have issues with sadness and drinking too much, as I detailed here.

In fact, I taped this interview on a clean, focused Friday — good for me — but the day before, I had ended up having like 9–10 beers across hanging out with different people. So it was a nice little jarring wake-up to tape this the day after I did that, and it helped me wake up a little bit, which was a good thing.

Where would be the audio?

You can pick your preferred player here, or listen to this embed below. Hope you enjoy!

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