Podcast: “Most people know executives are full of shit.”

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My guest on this episode is Peter, who recently wrote a book called Honest to Greatness, which is coming out in mid-August. He actually has a 21-question “honesty quiz” on his website, which I linked in my show notes for this episode. He scaled an agency and he focuses on a coaching/consulting approach driven by honesty, which might seem like an oxymoron to some people. I’ve thought a lot about honesty at work, and in personal context, over the last few years as well. The big example in this space is probably Ray Dalio and “radical transparency,” and Peter and I discuss that here. We also talk about some research on how virtually every human being under the sun has lied in their life, but how you lie is typically a function of social class and access to resources. Peter calls honesty a “clarion call” for the rest of your existence, and I’d largely agree with that. Final quick note here: I think I hadn’t “dropped” an episode in about 7–9 days. I’m trying to get back to two per week but also balancing out the rest of my life and income possibilities, so for the 5,000 or so people who have listened to this so far and might come back, I’ll try to stay consistent with new episodes. Alright, let’s get to Peter and honesty.

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