Podcast: Listening vs. attempting to fix in relationships

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I won’t belabor this intro because this is a pretty interesting 30-minute-or-so discussion, but John Hill and I worked on a project (website/copy/etc.) back in 2016 or so. We both live around Fort Worth. The project broadly tanked, at least on my end, but we’ve kept in touch and engaged on some work discussions, sales discussions, etc. So I had him come on this podcast, and ’twas fun. The topics we cover, broadly:

  • The value of working in service industry
  • Why sales discussions tank
  • Listening vs. trying to fix problems in a relationship
  • The value of the gym mid-day
  • Overcommunicating
  • Trying to avoid getting tapped out at the gym
  • Value-adds vs. not

You can listen to it by picking your preferred audio player right here.

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