Podcast: Larry Nassar, Boomers, and emails

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Tim Sackett is one of those “HR Famous” dudes where you’ve mostly probably heard him in audio or video form discussing hiring and retention and those types of topics. Me and him have actually been friends / acquaintances for about 3–4 years now. I think we’ve met in person maybe twice, which underscores the weird digital world we all reside in — and even moreso now with coronavirus. Speaking of actually, this interview begins with Tim’s estimates on corona timeline, although we taped this probably third week of March, so additional data has come to light since. We also talk about tone-deaf emails, lessons of your 30s and 40s, Boomer generalizations, and at the end we spend some time on Larry Nassar and Michigan State, as Tim is a big MSU guy and lives in East Lansing too.

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