Podcast: God, data, and sports

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At this point, I am not even sure the first time I met this guest, Mr. Eamonn. We were friends at ESPN, so I figure we met sometime around fall 2005. It’s incredible to think that we’ve known each other 15 years at this point, and/or the fact that I’m almost 40 and he’s over it. Since we met in Central CT, we’ve probably lived in a combined 10 places, and he’s been in Hawaii and now back in Ireland. Life is weird. This is basically a discussion between friends and sometimes biz-type partners who belittle each other along the way, on topics ranging from God to data to sports to advertising to algorithms to relationships and back again. It’s in line with a few episodes I’ve done where I catch up with old friends about the status of their life and belief structure at the moment, which I probably can’t monetize that successfully, but hell, I think it has value. So, here we go. I think we’re going to start with a Pope and religion discussion.

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