Podcast: Downsizing

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I would guesstimate that the largest percentage of my first 40 episodes were people between the ages of 25 and 45. This episode is with Terry, who is a little bit north of that arc — to the point that our first discussion here is actually about retirement. She’s retiring from a W-2 later this month, actually. And her and her husband are selling a house they’ve been in since 1987, so we talk about that as well. (My mom and dad actually moved out of the apartment I grew up in around early 2016, and they had been there since 1974.)

She wrote a cool piece on Medium about down-shifting houses and the role of your adult children in that process. Terry is also a member of Just Be Social on Twitter. I’ve interviewed a bunch of them at present, including Brenda, Mollie, Theresa, Angelica, etc. Fun little group.

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