Podcast: Dealing with a recruiter during an ongoing pandemic

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There’s a huge ecosystem of recruiting and HR content out there in the world these days, which I’ve contributed to in part for sure. In fact, just on this podcast since I launched it, I’ve had Tim Sackett (Episode 35) and William Tincup (Episode 18), who are both semi-big names in that world. Well, to spare you some additional bullshit about dealing with recruiters and how to get jobs, especially in a layoff-heavy pandemic period, here I talked to Robert, who was one of my original antagonists on LinkedIn, where everyone seems to broadly not like me that much. In this interview, we talk about how recruiters work, agency (third-party) models vs. in-house models, AI, how to get the most from a recruiter relationship, and more. We cover all this in a little under 22 minutes, so it should be what they call “snackable” content for you. I cannot promise you a job or anything, because I myself really haven’t had much success north of 33 landing a conventional W-2, but I can promise you some context for how to work with and think about the recruiting sphere in this one.

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