Most people have no clue what they’re even supposed to be doing at work

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Should not be breaking news that priority alignment and management is pretty poor at most companies, yet still often is to many. Take a look at this section from a recent article on “why kindness matters:”

“… this crisis in engagement that we’re facing now, where only one in three people can actually tell you what their role is at work. Two out of three people don’t know what they’re doing, so of course they can’t be engaged in it. And even if they know what they’re doing, they’re distracted by competing demands.”

Ha, yea.

Two things pop for me from that:

  1. Job role and design should be a much bigger deal. It’s not, unfortunately.
  2. While we all deify tech, it’s actually just becoming “more shit to manage” in many offices.

How did we get to this spot?

Lots of different reasons, but the big ones include:

So here’s where you net out:

  • Garbage in (bad hiring)
  • Garbage through (bad management and low context around priority)
  • Garbage out (turnover/firing/etc.)
  • Garbage back in

Nice little cycle.

OK, so how do we fix it?

A few approaches:

This isn’t about creating “employee engagement” programs or having “critical job design” off-sites. This is about just being a caring leader. It’s about wanting to provide some degree of import to the roles you do have.

And hey, if you find you don’t need 21 “strategic account managers,” cut some. Save money there. I’m good with it. Rather have 10 doing legit work and feeling good than 21 with 11 sitting on their thumbs all day — and heck, put that money into a foosball table! Yaaaaas!

But seriously: 67% of people in your office are probably surfing the Internet most of the day. How’s that useful? Think on this stuff.

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