I am looking for a job or contract gigs. Can you maybe help out?

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I’ll try not to belabor these points or get “over my skis” on what I want to say here. In short, I am looking for income sources and trying to not go the driving/delivery route right now (although I realize I may have to at some point).

A tiny bit of backstory: I have been predominantly freelance since November 2015. In that time, I’ve almost always had one or two contracts of about $2,500+/month that helped “anchor” my bills and all that; right now I don’t.

Where do I live? I live in Fort Worth, Texas (Dallas area), although I can be flexible.

What type of employment am I looking for? FT, PT, contract, etc. I’m flexible.

What can I do? I can do lots of different stuff. Most of my contracts in the past four years have been for writing (sales documents, blogs, white papers, e-Books, etc.), e-mail marketing, and social media management. Those are probably the easiest things for me to get hired for because I’ve done it before, and that’s typically how we hire. I’ve also done video and audio editing.

What else have I done in smaller pockets? Recruiting, for one. HR-type consulting. Organizational development. Talent acquisition. Moderating panels at events. I don’t have a lot of reps in these areas, so in a FT recruiter-driven job search, I’m often not going to be competitive, but I could make a difference for a person or organization willing to give me a chance.

What is my LinkedIn URL? That would be here.

How can you get in touch with me? My e-mail address is tedbauer2003 (at) gmail.com. You can also respond to this post.

If possible, if you know people hiring or people in the DFW area (or wherever) that might be a good person for me to meet, share this information with them. Every little bit might help. Thank you.

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