Complain about work > be productive at work (it scaled faster)

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My friend, the legendary executive coach Marshall Goldsmith, interviewed more than 200 of his clients and what he discovered matched previous research he read, but found hard to believe: “a majority of employees spend 10 or more hours per month complaining — or listening to others complain — about their bosses or upper management. Even more amazing, almost a third spend 20 hours or more per month doing so.”

That’s a lot of time spent complaining — but if you’ve ever worked in an office, you can probably believe that stat, give or take. Now yes, it’s based on 200 interviews. Not a large sample size. But this is also a series of topics people aren’t openly usually that willing to discuss, so you gotta find pockets of intel where you can.

Why so much complaining?

Easiest answers:

  • It’s relatively easy to do.

How we can complain less?

What else might you add?

Oh, and yes — look at these stats about how productive people are in most white-collar offices. Complaining > productivity. For sure. That’s sad, but as long as the company is producing revenue and making numbers, no one with authority ever cares.

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