Companies have no respect for HR

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I got this press release a few days ago. Before I give you the main visual from it, let me set it up a bit for you. This is from the crew at Blind, an anonymous workplace community:

In our most recent survey, we asked our users point-blank, “Do you trust HR at your current company?” The survey ran from July 30 through August 6 and a total of 11,892 users responded. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of people replied that they do not trust HR. Here’s what we found out:

  • 70.3% (8,357 users) answered responded with ‘No.’
  • 25.7% (3,059 users) answered ‘Yes.’
  • 4% (478 users) answered ‘My company does not have HR.’

We also broke down the results by companies with at least 100 survey responses from employees. Here’s what we found:

  • Intel ranks the highest for the number of employees who distrust HR with 83.18% answering ‘No.’
  • Intel (83.18%), Amazon (79.86%), eBay (75.59%), Oracle (74.66%), Airbnb (74.29%), are the top 5 companies with distrust towards HR higher than the overall survey average.
  • LinkedIn finished with the lowest, with 59.55%.

Here’s that visual:

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Now you might wonder: well, why is this the case? Why would people not like HR?

Here are a few potential answers:

  • This list is tech companies, which pride themselves on “moving fast” and “being disruptive.” HR is often very plodding and kind of the antithesis of tech.
  • It’s not revenue-facing.
  • It’s somehow the same division that polices you / can fire you but also is supposedly responsible for engagement.
  • We’ve allowed this lie to perpetuate for many years that “HR protects the employee,” when everyone knows HR protects the org/the top dogs and that’s it.
  • It’s usually not innovative and very compliance-driven, which is necessary — although I think a lot of execs don’t fully understand the difference between legal and HR aside from “HR hires people, right?”
  • Marketing can spend literal months on some “employer branding” campaign — admittedly it’s largely horseshit — and HR can ruin all that goodwill and campaign asset work by having a few bad 30-minute calls with top-tier candidates.
  • Executives don’t care about it.
  • It’s called “human resources,” and yet paradoxically it’s the least human-ish department in most companies.

That’s a partial list. My friend Terra and I made a video about this whole concept too, if you want to check that out. I tried to embed it, but that failed, so here be the link.

What else would you add on HR as a function?

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