Are we even using the cloud right?

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Look at how IBM just framed up their $34B acquisition of Red Hat:

Bloomberg acknowledged the same thing:

OK, so … cloud is a big deal. Amazon is winning. Microsoft is probably second. Google is in there somewhere. So is IBM, but further down. So you’ve got “big tech” names, and the narrative is easy to follow → “The younger guns are beating old Big Blue.”

Got it. Nice.

I fully understand all the efficiencies of cloud and cloud-first and The Cloud Economy or whatever, but we’re leaving this huge aspect on the table. No one ever seems to discuss it. It’s never in articles. I barely hear execs mention it.

Cloud should be empowering more remote work, less bullshit jobs, and helping orgs with costs.

It should be allowing a startup in Orlando to get top talent from Lisbon, and vice versa.

See, with cloud and WiFi both at scale, here’s how companies could save money (which companies love to do):

  • Have less physical offices
  • People can work where they want because they can pull info from anywhere, not a filing cabinet in XYZ Location
  • Pay people salaries relative to the cost of living where they are presently
  • All the sales guys can be true road warriors because the data they need is easy to pull down from the cloud on the go
  • You can thus invest more in letting sales guys hit their numbers IRL, which is often way more effective
  • Save money on digital paper-pusher jobs because again, the guys that directly make the money can pull the numbers and assets they need right out of the cloud

Feels like cloud should be empowering newer, cheaper, less-tethered-to-a-specific-place, more efficient, less-bullshit ways of working and hiring. But it feels like all anyone discusses are the supposed financial implications of cloud, and none of the people implications.

Feel that way at all, or no?

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